Vegetable Khichadi Recipe Hindi, English, Gujarati | Masala Khichadi | National Dish of India

Let’s see the ingredients to cook the Khichadi first.

1) Half cup of Toor Dal(Pigeon Pea)
2) Two cups of rice
3) One potato, Two onions, One tomato, Two green chilis, Peanuts.
4) Indian spices: Cumin Seed(Jira), Brown mustard Seed(Rai), Cinnamon(Dalachini), Cloves(laung), Indian Bay Leaf(Tej Patta), Asafoetida(Hing), Turmeric powder(Haldi), Red Chili Powder(lal mirch), Garam masala, oil and water

Here are the steps to cook it.

Step 1
Wash the toor daal(Pigeon Pea) and rice mixer in water and keep it wet in water for five to seven minutes.

Step 2
Let’s Chop all the vegetables.

Step 3
Take four to five table spoon oil in pressure cooker and let it hot for two three minutes.

Step 4

Once the oil is hot; we will add the Cinnamon(Dalachini), Indian Bay Leaf(Tej Patta), Cloves(laung) cumin Seed(Jira), Brown mustard Seed(Rai), Asafoetida(Hing) and after that we will add all chopped vegetables and mix it. we will let all vegetables cook for two to three minutes.

Step 5

Now, add one table spoon of Turmeric powder(Haldi), Red Chili Powder(lal mirch), garam masala and salt according to your taste and mix it.

Step 6

Add four to five glass of water in the mixer and mix everything well again and let it cook in pressure cooker until two whistle.

Step 7

Once the Khichdi is cooked, let cooker to cool down little bit and serve the delicious Khichdi.